Guldasta (Bouquet of Flowers)


Artist: Ms. Rubina Begum Shaikh
Aurangabad, India
Presented by LoomKatha

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Himroo of Aurangabad, India is a traditional brocade technique some 600 years old. With blue cotton for a ground cloth and multiple colors of silk for the pattern, shawls like this are woven by weavers who were replaced by machines decades ago and are now being searched out and brought back to revive the classic patterns.

This beautiful shawl is a recreation of a classic Himroo design–the Guldasta (bouquet of flowers). Over the last few years, the craft of Himroo weaving struggled due to competition from mill-made imitations and gradually all the looms shut down. Through LoomKatha, this craft is now being revived and some of the last remaining weavers have been brought back to the looms. This design was handwoven in Aurangabad after a gap of over 2 decades.  One shawl takes 2 weeks to be woven. The warp and weft are cotton and the design is woven in silk.

Dimensions: 78” X 36”

LoomKatha is a project created to inspire and support that revival, and you can learn more about them at: