WARP 2022 Online Annual Meeting: Tradition, Innovation & Community Stewardship: Evolution of Textile Arts

June 24-26, 2022

Community stewardship includes both honoring the past and safeguarding the future. In many textile communities, age-old traditions merge with new innovations. For our 2022 conference, WARP brought together speakers from textile communities around the world to discuss questions artisans face in our ever-changing world. How do weaving communities cope with issues of commercialization and cultural appropriation? What is the role of young generations in adapting for a sustainable future? What can we all do to give voice to weavers and improve the quality of life of textile artisans worldwide?

For this international program, we welcomed 25 speakers from textile communities around the world. Our keynote presenters were Chilkat Weaver Lily Hope, and Arushi Chowdhury Khanna, founder of LoomKatha.

Watch video recordings here

View our full program of presentations and panel discussions here

Photo: Lily Hope, keynote speaker

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