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Women Artisans of Morocco: Their Stories Their Lives

 Author: Davis Susan  Category: book  Publisher: Thrums Books/Schiffer Publishing  Published: 2022

Women Artisans of Morocco tells the stories of twenty-five women who practice their textile traditions with an inspiring energy pride and fortitude. They weave embroider needle weave intricate buttons and tailor and decorate clothing. For the first time we have a book that focuses on the artisans of Morocco themselves those who produce the beautiful textiles that contribute substantially to their family’s income while maintaining households and raising children. You will step into the lives of these Moroccan women artisans and gain an appreciation for their artistic skills and ingenuity – and also for their strong roles in this supposedly male-dominated society their fierce independence and determination as they work to improve their economic livelihoods. Beautiful photos of the women and their work by Joe Coca. Winner of a Gold Ben Benjamin Franklin Award from IBPA.

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