Connecting the Social Fabric in Canada

This month and next WARP members share their experiences at the Textile Society of America Symposium in Vancouver BC, which was September 19-22 and centered around the theme The Social Fabric: Deep Local to Pan Global

From Susan Weltman
What an incredible treat it was to attend the TSA Meeting in Vancouver!  This was an opportunity to spend time in what is the most beautiful city I know. I not only heard fascinating speakers, but also got to connect with so many WARP members, including several I’d never met before. Among those was Rachel Green of Southern Georgia University who presented on the Wichi of Argentina; sitting next to her on the bus, I introduced myself as the President of WARP. She responded by informing me that she was a member! I attended her fascinating presentation.

Nancy Feldman, who I had met at our Oaxaca meeting was presenting on Shipibo Textiles, another very interesting presentation. Meeting Cathy Stevulak in person was a wonderful experience as Cathy, a new WARP member, is a very active part of the Planning Committee for the DC Meeting in June, 2019. She facilitated a presentation by Yasmine Dabbous, whose topic was the role textile traditions play in the lives of Syrian women in a Lebanese Refugee Camp; Yasmine could not be there as she is presently in Lebanon. Her work, and the work of the Syrian women with whom she works, absolutely represents what WARP believes the role of textiles and artisanship can play in the lives of women in crisis!

From Carol Ventura
I learned so much, reconnected, and made so many new connections at the recent TSA Symposium in Vancouver. I enjoy attending even when not presenting, but this year my paper was included, “Tapestry Crochet in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East: Tradition and Innovation”. It will appear in the free online TSA Proceedings next year. I hope all the presenters publish their papers because each time slot included several fabulous panels that I hated to miss! As usual, everyone was so friendly and supportive and each day felt like a fashion show. We fiber people have great taste – and all the wonderful fabrics could be touched that were being shown in the elevator, in the meeting rooms, everywhere!

From Judy Newland
My small naturally dyed piece submitted to the TSA members’ art exhibit was accepted. Each piece was developed around an inspirational object or place. My Sonoran Souls was influenced by my time living in the Sonoran Desert and honored those who have been left behind. I was asked to be part of a panel of six artists and makers who discussed their artwork and how we work collaboratively with various communities. What a wonderful group of women, all of whom I would like to know better. Friday evening was spent on Granville Island taking in exhibits and shopping! A group of ten, mostly WARP members had the most delightful dinner at the Sand Bar restaurant. Inspiration surrounded us each and every day.

Every one of us found special activities and experiences…more to come in November.

Philis Alvic and Teena Jennings will tell us about their experiences.


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  1. So glad to read this and that you had a good time in Vancouver. There is no other place to hear such amazing, detailed textile presentations – all in one place. Hope you will all come to Boston in 2020!

  2. Thanks for giving us a chance to talk about the wonderful experiences we had at TSA. Looking forward to more wonderful times with WARP members in DC, June, 2019!

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