Khadi Oaxaca

Libertad #2
San Sebastian Rio Hondo, Miahuatlan
Oaxaca, Mexico 70877

Phone: +52 951 285 1479

Social media: @khadioaxaca

Contact person: Eliseo Ramirez (Spanish) and Kalindi Attar (English)

Khadi Oaxaca is a non-profit company dedicated to spinning, dyeing and weaving fabric and sewing and embroidering cotton and wool clothing. Our process is ecological, ethical, and artisanal supporting over 300 livelihoods throughout rural Oaxaca. We can work with you to create custom woven fabrics and we can cut and sew these fabrics, or our standard fabrics, to create your clothing designs. Additionally, we have a team of artisans who can embroider your designs.

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