Khushi Kantha (Happy Blanket)

London, UK

Website: Social media: IG: @khushikantha, FB: @khushikantha, Twitter: @khushikantha1, Linkedin: company/khushikantha

Contact person: Laura Rana

Every purchase from Khushi Kantha creates an opportunity for a mother in Bangladesh to provide for her children with dignity, and contributes to the circular economy.

‘Kantha’ refers to the Bengali tradition of repurposing old cotton saris into ultra-soft, multi-layered blankets, especially for babies. It can also simply mean ‘blanket’.

‘Khushi’ is the Bengali term for ‘happy’ – ‘Khushi Kantha’ therefore means ‘Happy Blanket’.

We’ve reworked the ‘kantha’ tradition to meet global hygiene and safety standards, while retaining its circular principles.

We’ve recently branched out from our signature ‘Happy Blankets’ for babies to create tote bags, pouch bags, cushion covers, grown-up sized and doll-sized blankets, and wall hangings.

All products can be personalised.

Each product has a label featuring the hand-embroidered name of the mother who made it, and comes packaged in a reusable cotton gift bag, hand-crafted from a vintage sari, with a packaging insert explaining our social enterprise mission.


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