Mayamam Weavers

50 Cutler Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Phone: 973-610-8902

Social media: @mayamam_weavers

Contact person: Caryn Maxim

Mayamam Weavers offers handwoven home and fashion accessories crafted by the Maya Mam Weavers Cooperative from Cajola, Guatemala. We are members of the Fair Trade Federation. We have a wide product range, offering home goods for the kitchen and dining room, accessories for men, women, and children — and even pets! We also have a wide range of colorful bags including travel bags, wine totes and market totes. Among our signature items are our Cuadritos table linens, woven in a traditional backstrap pattern but interpreted for the foot loom. The women have learned several weaving designs and our shawl selection features weaving patterns such as diamonds, “ochos”, herringbone, and our own ”Delfina”. Our popular scarves, woven in a windowpane weave, come in various lengths and widths! We reflect the colorful designs of Guatemala, but have included some more neutral colorways for those who want our high quality but prefer more muted colors.

For the full story about Mayamam, please visit this blog article written by Caryn.

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