THREADS Documentary Film

Kantha Productions LLC
PO Box 143
Lakebay, WA  98349

Phone: (253) 592-3596

Contact persons: Cathy Stevulak and Leonard Hill

Threads Film

THREADS takes us on a journey with self-trained artist Surayia Rahman who transforms the quilt-work tradition of kantha to create possibilities for a better life for her family and hundreds of young mothers in Bangladesh. Over three decades, as their art becomes prized possessions of connoisseurs around the world, Surayia Rahman and the artisans overcome their hardships with needle and thread, stitch by stitch.

Winner of three film festival awards and multiple laurels, THREADS film celebrates global artisanship and the power of textile art as a path to dignity, independence and community.  THREADS is available on DVD, streaming, and for educators and community screenings. To view the trailer for THREADS, please click here.

Many of the designs embroidered by The Widows Friend are created by Surayia Rahman.

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