Welcoming our 2017 Scholarship Winners!

This year, due to generous donations, WARP selected three Alice Brown Memorial Scholarship winners.

Alisa, Dakota and Nicole will be joining us for the conference in Oaxaca. Here is a preview of what we’ll learn about them in-person!


Alisa Ruzavina

Alisa Ruzavina is a fashion/textiles designer and a Central Saint Martins student, specializing in Womenswear Design with Print. She was brought up in Moscow and is currently based in London. Here you can get a glimpse of her universe: www.alisa-ruzavina.com.

Her current interests lie in resisting fast fashion and the total digitization of design processes through detailed study, conservation and preservation of world traditional craft techniques in her own fashion work, as well as the manifestation of radical joy through the use of colour. She explores cultural, historical, archetypal, esoteric, occult and mythological artifacts and dreamscapes through elaborate surface design and textile manipulation to create a contemporary narrative with deep roots in art and craft history.

Dakota Mace

Dakota Mace is currently an MFA student at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Working both in photography and textiles, much of her work focuses on re-contextualizing the stories and deities that aspire from Navajo designs. Her MFA work is a series developed from learning traditional as well as western weaving styles to incorporate her interpretation of Navajo weaving.

Dakota writes, “The development of my work is part of a larger idea of wanting to create a bridge to understanding Native American traditional practices through nontraditional forms of art. My photographic work is a continuation of understanding my Native heritage through my lens, and through the loom I understand the connection between the weaver and the materials. The ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the development of Native American art forms and bring tradition into the Fine Arts world. Through the Alice Brown Memorial Scholarship, my research will go further into understanding the aesthetics of Navajo weaving and embracing the connection between weaver and loom.”

Nicole Giacomantonio

Nicole comes from an interdisciplinary background of fine arts, art history and museum studies, and has graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Nova Scotia College of Art & Design. Since graduation, Nicole has tailored her work and education experiences to her love of the preservation and promotion of culture and heritage. She has worked as both a conservation intern and as a weaving intern at studios and private practices across North America, and has spent significant time touring museum collections. She hopes to one day apply her education and skill to the preservation and promotion of art in Canada.


Congratulations to the 2017 scholarship winners.

This year, all 13 of the scholarship applicants received a one-year WARP membership. Thank you to all those who applied.

We look forward to having each of you in our community!

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