No Image Available Veiling in Africa
The tradition of the veil, which refers to various cloth coverings of the head, face, and body, has been little studied in Africa, where Islam has been present for more than a...
Book Elisha Renne
No Image Available Veils, Turbans, and Islamic Reform in Northern Nigeria
This book tells the story of Islamic reform from the perspective of dress, textile production, trade, and pilgrimage over the past 200 years. As Islamic reformers have sought to address societal problems...
Book Elisha Renne
No Image Available Viking Knitting
51 minute instructional video with Marilyn Romatka. This chain looks exquisite and complicated, but the process is simple and straightforward. Examples of these chains have been found in various archeological sites in...
DVD Marilyn Romatka
No Image Available Warp-faced Double Weave on Inkle Looms
This manual is aimed at band weavers who have tried and found that they love to do pick-up work. The warp-faced double weave structure allows weavers to create clean, crisp designs on...
Book or PDF Laverne Waddington
No Image Available Warping Your Loom
108 minutes. Shows complete and detailed steps for successful, trouble-free warping.
DVD Madelyn van der Hoogt
No Image Available Weavers of the Southern Highlands
This is the history of weaving centers in the Appalachian Mountains in the early part of the 20th century. The centers enabled women to earn money in a largely subsistence economy. Individual...
Book Philis Alvic
No Image Available Weaving Cooperatives and the Resistance Movement in Highland Chiapas, Mexico: Pass Well Over the Earth in Artisans and Advocacy in...
Chapter in book Christine Eber
No Image Available Weaving Deflected Doubleweave
79 minutes. Shows how to design, draft, weave, and wet-finish deflected doubleweave fabrics (both flat fabrics and dimensional fabrics created with differential shrinkage). Includes a handbook with exercises and projects to try.
DVD Madelyn van der Hoogt
No Image Available Weaving in the Peruvian Highlands: Dreaming Patterns, Weaving Memories
Available in digital format. Published in cooperation with the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, this book explores the variety of textiles in the Peruvian highlands, including the symbols and meaning of...
Book Nilda Callañaupa Álvarez
No Image Available Weaving Innovations from the Bateman Collection
This full-color look at the patterns that Dr. William Bateman developed and studied over 50 years ago will help intermediate to advanced-level weavers think more innovatively about their craft. With hundreds of...
Book Robyn Spady, Nancy Tracy, and Marjorie Fiddler
No Image Available Weaving Lace
109 minutes. Thoroughly covers drafting and weaving huck lace, Atwater-Bronson lace, and Swedish lace. Demonstrates how to create original designs and choose appropriate materials and setts. Includes a comprehensive handbook.
DVD Madelyn van der Hoogt
No Image Available Weaving Lives: Traditional Textiles of Cusco – Preserving the Textile Tradition/Tejiendo la Vida: Textiles Tradicionales del Cusco – Preservando la...
This is a small bilingual book that was actually a catalog of an exhibition "Weaving Lives". For this exhibition we focused on the different stages of a weaver's life in the communities...
Book Nilda Callañaupa Álvarez
No Image Available Weaving Made Easy
This book was written for those who know nothing about weaving or the rigid-heddle loom, but they are eager and ready to learn! The rigid-heddle loom is widely recognized as the gateway...
Book Liz Gipson
No Image Available Weaving Summer & Winter, A Weave for All Seasons
50 minutes. Shows how to design, draft, and weave summer and winter with treadling variations to create different effects. Gives ideas for playing with colors and materials and includes a handbook with...
DVD Madelyn van der Hoogt
No Image Available Weaving Well
122 minutes. Gives weaving tips and techniques for achieving smooth selvedges and evenly woven cloth, handling shuttles, avoiding and fixing errors, choosing and matching colors, yarns, and setts with weave structures, and...
DVD Madelyn van der Hoogt
No Image Available Weaving Worlds: Navajo Tales of How the West was Spun
Kathy M'Closkey was the research director for this feature length documentary directed by Bennie Klain of Trickster Films, Austin, TX. In this compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through...
Documentary film Kathy M′Closkey
No Image Available Wedge Weave Textiles of the Navajo. American Indian Art 16(3) Article Ann Lane Hedlund and Louise I Stiver
No Image Available When a Woman Rises
Two Zapatista women, bound by cultural expectations, struggle to express the truth of their lives in the highlands of Chiapas. Magdalena summons the soul of her friend, Lucia, who migrated
Book Christine Eber
No Image Available Why the Navajo Blanket Became a Rug: Excavating the Lost Heritage of Globalization
Drawing on evidence contained in six disparate archives, my second book substantiates how as pastoralists, Navajo were affected by free trade during the 1890s, the decade in which the wearing blanket was...
Book Kathy M′Closkey
No Image Available Why We Left
This is an anthology of American Women expats living in Mexico in which I wrote one chapter.
Chapter in book Norma Schafer and Janet Blaser
No Image Available With Our Heads Bowed – The Dynamics of Gender in a Maya Community
From the back cover comment by June Nash: Brenda Rosenbaum explores the ambiguous link between ideology and social role performance in great depth. She is able to demonstrate how women have been...
Book Brenda Rosenbaum
No Image Available Women Artisans of Morocco: Their Stories, Their Lives
Women Artisans of Morocco tells the stories of twenty-five women who practice their textile traditions with an inspiring energy, pride and fortitude. They weave, embroider, needle weave intricate buttons, and tailor and...
Book Susan Schaefer Davis and Joe Coca
No Image Available Women Weavers OnLine: Rural Moroccan Women on the Internet. In Gender and the Digital Economy: Perspectives from the Developing World....
Describes in detail the benefits and challenges of selling the textile products of artisans overseas online. Can be used as an initial how-to by aspiring marketers.
Chapter in book Susan Schaefer Davis
No Image Available Women, Weaving and Ethnic Identity: a historical Essay in Mayan Clothing and Weaving through the Ages, Barbara Knoke de Arathoon,...
pp 157-169 (Original Spanish version 1992)
Chapter in book Brenda Rosenbaum and Linda Asturias de Barrios (Ed.)
No Image Available Women’s Cooperatives in Chiapas: Strategies of Survival and Empowerment in The Journal of Social Development Issues, Vol. 24, Issue no.3,...
Article Christine Eber and Janet Tanski
No Image Available Woven Cathead Baskets
Jackie leads you through the complete process of weaving colorful and unique cathead baskets, using painted cotton paper. The instructions are accessible for all levels of basket makers, with many adaptations for...
DVD Jackie Abrams
No Image Available Woven Shibori
This is the book that documents and "gives away" the process I developed of woven resists: a true marriage of weaving and dyeing. It's a book for weavers, but it has actually...
Book Catharine Ellis
No Image Available Woven to Wear: 17 Thoughtful Designs with Simple Shapes
More than just patterns - discover 17 designs and plenty of ideas for unique fabric and garments you'll want to wear again and again. Marilyn Murphy offers guidance for weaving scarves, wraps,...
Book Marilyn Murphy
No Image Available Woven Treasures
A book for beginning weavers, using a rigid heddle loom and traditional rug techniques from around the world to make simple projects. From plain weave to soumak, twining, knotted pile, and tablet...
Book Sara Lamb
No Image Available Yoruba Religious Textiles: Essays in Honour of Cornelius Oyeleke Adepegba
Yoruba Religious Textiles is a collection of ten studies of the significance of cloth in religious worship among the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The authors of these chapters examine the various ways...
Book Elisha Renne and B. Agbaje-Williams
No Image Available Your Weaving Teacher
A column in Handwoven Magazine for 9 years written under the name Debbie Redding.  A column written to help weavers, beginners and others, understand all aspects of weaving, mostly on four or...
Magazine Deborah Chandler